SeaFold 40'

The Revolutionary 5:1 Collapsible Shipping Container That’s Changing the Cargo Industry


5:1 Design

Save space without sacrificing durability

In the maritime logistics arena, the SeaFold 40′ sets a new standard with its revolutionary 5:1 design. This configuration enables the container to condense to a fifth of its original size, drastically improving storage and transportation efficiency. Despite its compact nature, it does not compromise on quality or durability

A versatile choice for a variety of industries

The versatility of the SeaFold 40′ makes it a prime choice for various industries, revolutionizing space management and logistical operations. Our ISO certification ensures compliance with international quality standards, making it a reliable option for transporting a variety of goods. The container’s design facilitates ease of stacking and handling, significantly reducing the costs associated with freight and storage. In addition, the innovative design allows for quicker turnover times at ports, enhancing the efficiency of global trade routes.

How the SeaFold 40' Collapsible Container Works


Collapse with ease

The SeaFold 40′ container is equipped with a state-of-the-art collapsing mechanism. This 5:1 design allows for a systematic reduction in its structural size without sacrificing its inherent durability and quality. At the core of this process are robust yet flexible hinges and locking systems that facilitate the secure folding of the container’s walls onto each other. This process is not only swift but also seamless, ensuring the structural integrity is maintained at all stages. The unique design complies fully with ISO standards, affirming its reliability and readiness to withstand the demanding conditions of maritime logistics.

How the SeaFold 40' Collapsible Container Works


Assemble with ease

The assembly process of the SeaFold 40′ container is streamlined and designed to facilitate ease of use while adhering to the highest industry standards of safety and efficiency. The unfolding process is initiated through the release of secure locks that hold the structure in its condensed form. Once released, the robust panels systematically unfold, expanding seamlessly to reach its full operational size. This expansion is works via heavy-duty hinges and support structures that are ingeniously incorporated into the design, ensuring stability and structural integrity throughout the assembly process. Each panel aligns perfectly, allowing for swift and secure locking, ready to house a variety of goods safely.

How the SeaFold 40' Collapsible Container Works
SeaFold 40' Container Single

Technical Information

Classification Dimensions
Length 12,192 mm 40 ft
Width 2,438 mm 8 ft
Height 2,896 mm 9.5 ft
Length 11,892 mm 39 ft
Width 2,322 mm 7.62 ft
Height 2,672 mm* 8.77 ft*
Door Opening
Width 2,232 mm 7.32 ft
Height 2,500 mm 8.2 ft
Internal Cubic Capacity 73 cu m 2,578 cu ft
Max Gross Weight 30,480 kg 67,200 lbs.
Target Tare Weight 5,896 kg 13,000 lbs.
Maximum Payload 24,584 kg 54,200 lbs.
Stacking @ 1.8 G 213,360 kg 470,378 lbs.
Racking Test 150 Kn 33,721 lbs.
How the SeaFold 40' Collapsible Container Works

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