The dry container industry has not witnessed any significant innovations in over 50 years. However, with the creation of Compact Container Systems’ FOLDX-5 container technology, that is about to change. The FOLDX-5 will have direct beneficial cost savings that will revolutionize the way the broader transportation industry manages its empty and loaded container fleet. This will happen by providing global shippers, carriers and the lessors that serve them with our proprietary containers through sale, lease and rental arrangements.

The benefits of folding containers hold significant savings for carriers and shippers through the reductions in container handling at ports, terminals, inter-modal facilities and depots, as well as improved transportation efficiencies at sea, land and rail.

Corporate Mission
The mission of Compact Container Systems is to enhance the efficiency and performance of the global logistics industry with the best collapsible containers in the world.

Compact Container Systems (“CCS” or the “Company”) was founded in 2008 by a highly experienced team of executives and entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions to problems in the shipping and transportation industry. With a proven track record of successfully developing innovative products, our management team combines strong business acumen with engineering experts who are responsible for developing some of the world’s most advanced aerospace engineering solutions.