Our containers are designed and engineered by highly specialized design and fabrication professionals with a long history of introducing innovative products for the Aerospace/Industrial market — a market where durability and performance are critical, particularly in extreme environmental conditions. Critical to the industry, our containers are made with the highest quality materials, designed to withstand the harsh environments at sea, land and rail.

We are proud to announce our patent-pending new designs – the FOLDX-5 40’HC (“High Cube”) and FOLDX-5 20’ STD (“Standard”). When folded, five of these containers are the same size as one standard open box. This is an unprecedented 5:1 ratio and unique to any product in the marketplace. In fact, no other steel 40’ HC nor 20’ STD container exists today with a 5:1 ratio. The product is also fully compatible with existing intermodal handling equipment.

We expect the final prototypes of the FOLDX-5 40’ HC and FOLDX-5 20’ STD to be completed, along with receiving International Organization for Standardization (“ISO”) and either American Bureau of Shipping (“ABS”) or Lloyd’s certification, in the near term. Select major shipping companies have expressed interest in becoming beta partners, which will strengthen our product for mass production. In the near term, these containers will be produced in the United States.

Our previous prototype, the original FOLDX-4 40’ HC design, has been tested and proven to withstand ISO Certification Standards 1496-1 and obtained a Lloyds Certificate in 2012. This container has a 4:1 ratio – allowing four folded containers to take the space of one erect or rigid container.

All of our containers can be quickly and safely folded, or erected, in minutes with a two-person team on the ground and one crane operator. They are built in accordance with all provisions of the ISO 1496-1 certification standards, ISO 668, International Convention for Safe Containers (“CSC”) and either ABS or Lloyd’s certification. Importantly, the containers are constructed using industry standard materials and parts allowing the ISO container to be serviced by maintenance organizations throughout the world.